Thank you to these amazing organizations and leaders who have placed their faith in me and believe that together we can bring real representation to the voters of the 2nd Congressional District.

Governor Larry Hogan

It is my honor to fully and unequivocally endorse Nicolee Ambrose in her race to defeat Dutch Ruppersberger this fall. She is the only candidate in the Republican primary that has the resources, the ability, and the strength to fight back against the progressives that want to un-do the great progress we have made in Maryland over the past eight years. While I have been working across the aisle, Dutch has been supporting President Biden 100% of the time. You won’t find Nicolee supporting any one person or any party 100%. She will be a true representative for the 2nd District.

FreedomWorks for America

FreedomWorks for America is honored to endorse @NicoleeAmbrose for Maryland’s 2nd congressional district! Nicolee is a grassroots powerhouse and an upstanding member of her community. She is the ideal candidate for this district. #MD02#ampFW

Congressman Andy Harris

Nicolee Ambrose is an exceptional choice in the Republican primary election in the newly remapped 2nd Congressional District. Having represented parts of this new district over many years, I have heard the voices of its residents. They want lower crime. They want to be able to afford a good, quality life for themselves and their children. They want Washington to stop runaway inflation. They want a Congresswoman who will fight for parents and school choice in Washington. Nicolee Ambrose is the right choice–an honest, hardworking single Mom who will fight for you and your family in Washington. Nicolee Ambrose has my complete and total endorsement.

The Honorable Ellen Sauerbrey

Nicolee Ambrose is smart, articulate, and a true people person. She has worked for years at the grassroots level to build a two party system in Maryland and I believe she is the right candidate to flip the new 2nd Congressional District.

I know Nicolee will be a voice of reason in Congress and a strong advocate for common sense conservatism who will always put the interests of her constituents in District 2 first. I am proud to enthusiastically endorse her candidacy and look forward to watching her restore common sense to Washington.

David Bossie & Citizens United Political Victory Fund

Along with Citizens United Political Victory Fund, I’m please to endorse Nicolee Ambrose for the U.S. House from Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District. Nicolee is a courageous leader who will wake up every day focused on the issues most important to her constituents and she’ll never be a rubber stamp for anyone.

Nicolee is one of the hardest workers I know and I know she’ll be a tireless advocate for the residents of Maryland’s 2nd Congressional district. She’ll be focused on solving problems like Biden’s inflation crisis, crime crisis and border crisis with common sense solutions. I encourage all Republican primary voters in MD-2 to vote for Nicolee Ambrose.

Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees

It’s a great honor to endorse Nicolee Ambrose for US Congress. There is no doubt in my mind that Nicolee is the best person for the job. I know that she will be a strong advocate for our Carroll County values and will focus on finding real solutions to public safety issues. I look forward to seeing her become our next U.S. Congresswoman.

Maryland Senator Johnny Salling

I am proud to enthusiastically endorse Nicolee Ambrose for US Congress. Not only is Nicolee smart and hardworking, she is also a proven leader who has spent decades advocating for our community. I know she will make a great Congresswoman and be a real voice for voters in Eastern Baltimore County.

Maryland Delegate Kathy Szeliga

I unequivocally endorse Nicolee Ambrose for Congress and am tremendously honored to support her candidacy. Nicolee and I have been friends for many years. She is a hard-working mom who is compassionate and cares deeply about the people in our region. I have every confidence that she will be a fantastic representative and a true voice in Washington for the voters of District 2.

Maryland Senator Chris West

“I’m happy to endorse Nicolee Ambrose for Congress in Maryland’s new 2nd Congressional District. Nicolee will be a great conservative congressional representative for our area.  She will work tirelessly to find common-sense solutions to the real issues that District 2 residents care about, like skyrocketing inflation, soaring gas prices and our struggling economy. I look forward to working with her as our next Congresswoman, on behalf of the struggling families of the Second Congressional District.”

Maryland Delegate Rachel Muñoz

“I am thrilled to endorse Nicolee Ambrose for US Congress. Nicolee is a smart, common-sense leader with a track record of advocating for her community. I know that as Maryland’s next Congresswoman, Nicolee will be focused on the real issues that District 2 residents care about. As a mom of 5, I know Nicolee is dedicated to Maryland’s children and will fight for more parental involvement in our schools and better educational outcomes for students. I am proud to support her candidacy and look forward to her representing the people of CD-2.”

Maryland Delegate Robin Grammer

“It is my pleasure to endorse Nicolee Ambrose for Congress in Maryland’s new 2nd District. Nicolee understands the working family values that are important to residents in Eastern Baltimore County. As our next representative in Washington, I know Nicolee will fight to lower our cost of living and improve the safety of our communities. I proudly support Nicolee Ambrose for U.S. Congress.”

Morton Blackwell, Virginia Republican National Committeeman

“I enthusiastically endorse Nicolee Ambrose for Congress in Maryland’s new Second Congressional District. For years, Nicolee has worked to build a true two-party system in her state.  She’s a powerfully effective advocate for common-sense conservative principles. With Nicolee as their next Congresswoman, District 2 residents can expect a representative with a backbone—someone they can count on to stand strong and fight for them—not simply a rubber stamp for bad policies that drive up the cost of living and hurt our economy.”

Barry Donadio

“I am fully confident that Nicolee Ambrose will represent the people of Maryland’s new 2nd Congressional District with strong leadership and fairness for all. As Congresswoman, Nicolee will put victims before criminals and support policies that bring law and order back to our communities.”

Delegate Ric Metzgar

“I’m proud to enthusiastically endorse Nicolee Ambrose for Congress in Maryland’s new 2nd District.Nicolee is a tremendously successful businesswoman and wonderful mother of 2 children—she won’t allow Congress to run her, she will run Congress and show Washington, D.C. what true leadership looks like.”