Candidate Nicolee Ambrose Challenges Rep. Ruppersberger to Debates

Republican nominee for Maryland’s new Second Congressional District requests series of debates with Rep. Ruppersberger

Timonium, MD (September 6, 2022): Nicolee Ambrose, Republican Nominee for Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District, has sent a letter to Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, challenging him to three debates in the race for the seat in the House of Representatives.  She discovered while doing so, Congressman Ruppersberger’s District Office was bolted shut during normal business hours.  Ambrose has heard this complaint repeated by countless residents throughout the region.  She confirmed the rumor was indeed true:  Congressman Rupperberger’s office is routinely closed to the public and non-responsive.

Ambrose announced her debate challenge and showcased her attempt to reach Congressman Ruppersberger’s office with a video released on social media platforms today. “I am challenging Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, 10-term incumbent who has been in this office for 20 years, to a public debate. Not one, but three, because we have three counties in this congressional district: Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Carroll County. So Congressman, let’s meet in each one of these jurisdictions and let the voters of the Second District hear from us about our proposed solutions.”

Ambrose continues in her released video, “we have been hearing from constituents and our team that Dutch’s office has not been open all summer. We’re going to take the debate challenge letter directly to Congressman Ruppersberger’s office.”

The video then follows Ambrose as she hand-delivers the debate challenge letter to Congressman Ruppersberger’s District Office, only to find the Timonium-based location shuttered during weekday business hours.  Ambrose is then seen ringing the doorbell, knocking, and trying to open the door. “No one’s home!,” she declares. She can be seen sliding the letter under the door, remarking “now let’s see if Congressman Ruppersberger meets us out in the field with the voters.”

Congressman Ruppersberger, to preamble what he likely felt was an imminent bad press moment, declared on his official, government Twitter page several hours later stating, “today, one of our longtime staffers was on the phone with a constituent when Nicolee Ambrose and an entourage came to the door.  After the call, our staffer saw her in the parking lot…#TeamDutch won’t let political games distract us from serving the taxpayers”. 

Nicolee Ambrose responds, “this is a classic example of Dutch ‘Out of Touch’ Ruppersberger saying one thing but likely another thing is true.  The video clearly shows all lights were off in his second story, corner office.  No one answered the door.  Further, if anyone was present, he would have responded to the actual request made.  So either Congressman Ruppersberger is lying about his office being occupied or he is showing voters he does not actually read his mail.  Either way, Marylanders deserve more from their representatives.  In addition to my debate challenge, I invite Congressman Ruppersberger to go to his office, open his office door and read his mail.  Strange tweets on a government social media account does not serve Marylanders well.”

Nicolee Ambrose entered the race in response to a series of repeated failures from the incumbent, Dutch Ruppersberger. Ambrose is campaigning on fighting for Maryland’s future by reducing crime, securing a brighter future for all residents and ensuring all voters feel their voices are heard by being an active elected official.  She’s running to be a voice of independent, free-thinking in Washington in contrast to her opponent, who votes with his Democratic Party 100% of the time.